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Whether you're a publicly held corporation, a privately held company or a non-profit organization it is essential that you have growth on your agenda. Growth is the process where change takes place and how organizations survive and prosper in changing environments. Taking the broader, external view in looking how your customers or stakeholders are changing, and then "internalizing" how you choose to deal with those changes is essential. Whether it is analyzing a new product or market opportunity, evaluating new technology, plotting your Internet strategy, or launching a new division, Swette Associates gets you answers and results.

Swette Associates specializes in building success by thinking through and analyzing changes, creating opportunities and then taking action to adapt. A key part of this process is devoting the organization to experimentation and learning. Where there is uncertainty, Swette Associates has successfully taken vague concepts and converted them into business opportunities. Where there is bigger opportunities than the organization has capacity, Swette Associates identifies and develops partner relationships to ensure the opportunity is not missed. In short, Swette Associates "gets things off dead center."

"In every case, the reason growth is threatened, slowed or stopped is not because the market is saturated. It is because there has been a failure of management. The failure is at the top. The executives responsible for it, in the last analysis, are those who deal with broad aims and policies."
--Theodore Levitt, The Marketing Imagination.

This site contains information about our services, projects and provides resources for executives in thinking through, planning and managing through the growth process. Your comments are encouraged and welcomed.

Recent News:
Swette Associates partners with MSC.Software in growing its e-com divisional start-up, and the Engineering Exchange.
Western Governors' Association engages Swette Associates to facilitate conferences on "Improving Border Air Quality through Energy Efficiency."

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